Holiday Snaps
Holiday 2013
Holiday 2019

Family Snaps
Erin and CJs wedding
Etu learns to ride a motocrosser!
Family Photos 2022
Furniture for Tegan and Eddie 2014

CJ and Erin's Visit 2022 Snaps
CJ and Erin's Visit 2022

Car and Glider Snaps
1200 Coupe and Michael Driving Mongoose
My Pilatus Form2 Inspection
Mt Beauty IS28 and Dad

Vinduro Snaps
Araluen 2016
Beaufort 2014
Beaufort 2015
Blackwood 2015
Cookardinia 2014
Cookardinia 2015
Cookardinia 2017
Harrow 2014
Harrow 2015
Harrow 2022
Jugiong 2014
Tallarook 2015
Temora 2015
Yass 2015
Yass again

Various Project Snaps
RD Cafe Bike
TS 2550X
Selling my TS 2550X
Old caravan repairs

Various Bike Snaps
My Rickman CR750 Before and After the Prang
I pranged my Rickman